Drinklings FAQs:


What is Drinklings?

Drinklings is a semi-regular gathering of Science Fiction & Fantasy publishing professionals in New York City (and at the occasional convention) for drinks and casual conversation. Founded in 2011, Drinklings is currently organized by founders Peter V. Brett, Jay Franco, Nancy Lambert, and Lauren Panepinto.

What about the West Coast?

In 2017, a Los Angeles chapter of Drinklings was launched by Pierce Brown, Wesley Chu, Scott Sigler, A Kovacs, and Mike Braff.

Does Drinklings have an anti-harassment policy?

Yes! Drinklings is dedicated to a harassment-free experience for everyone. Our anti-harassment policy can be found at: http://www.drinklings.com/antiharassment-policy (Please read it.)

Is there a membership fee?

No. The only cost affiliated with Drinklings is whatever you chose to spend on food and beverages at a Drinklings event. Remember, unless specifically stated by the event host, you are responsible for buying your own drinks and food. There may be ticketed satellite events for special occasions.

Can I add someone to Drinklings?

You can nominate an add to the Drinklings mailing list/Facebook group by emailing us with a brief introduction of your nominee and their connection to the industry. Adds to the Facebook group page without an introduction email to a founder will not be reviewed.

Why isn’t [NAME] in Drinklings?

Drinklings grows organically, and as such, there is no dedicated outreach team or invitation campaign. If you know someone that you think should be part of Drinklings, please nominate them following the instructions above.

Can I bring a guest?

You are welcome to bring a guest, keeping in mind that this is a gathering of publishing professionals and your guest will be expected to relate and behave accordingly. Please do not share Drinklings invites or emails outside of the Drinklings group.

Should I [pitch an editor/agent, request autographs, request funding for project, etc.] at Drinklings?

Please don’t. Of course we expect some shoptalk will arise at a gathering of industry pros, but Drinklings is not designed to be a heavy-duty networking event.

Can I post to the Facebook group page?

Please email a founder with your request, but understand that we generally do not allow non-Drinklings events to post on the page. Unapproved posts will be deleted by an admin. You are always welcome to post a question or thank a host for a great night.